The Bohemian Dream…

This has been pounding on me since yesterday morning, but I haven’t gotten a chance to put this down in words because of work and stuff.

Yesterday morning I had a very erotic dream.  It was quite unusual, but I managed to keep my moral strength high and my bond to my woman held strong.  Even in this dream state.

I have a friend.  I guess you could call her a good friend. We haven’t spoken in seven years, but if it came down to it and I needed help that only she could provide, I have a feeling she, and her dog, would come through for me.  This friend, I’ve known her since she was seventeen.  I worked with her quite a few years ago when I was running a video store.  She was this toothpick.  Frizzy hair.  Sarcastic.  Funny.

She’s now a bohemian.  She has been for years.  She lives the life of an artist in New York City.  Philadelphia.  And Back to NYC.  She loves animals.  She’s tattooed in all sorts of places.  Her sleeve is fantastic.  She lives a tough life and I respect her greatly for her ability to bounce between jobs and get by as a barista, a party girl and and.. well as a bohemian.


Yesterday I had a dream with her in it.

In the dream, I was sleeping on a couch, somewhere in an apartment in New York City.  I was wrapped in a big brown comforter.  The bed was brown and wooden and kind of like a window seat.  Surrounded by white curtains and a light summer breeze.  I am am waking up, within the dream, I think of my chick and my friend strolls through.  I become aware that I am in her apartment.  I see her as she was almost ten years ago. 

Only, she’s topless. 

She strolls through the room in a pair of black panties and stockings.  But I don’t focus on it and she doesn’t pay any attention to me looking up at her as she walks by.   She treats me as if I’m the gay guy at a slumber party.  She ignores me and walks to another couch and plops herself down on her belly.  I watch her for a moment, mesmerized by her tiny bottom and just soaking in the beauty of the body.  Not in a perverse way, but just absorbing her natural beauty.   As I lay there, I look at the TV, I wonder why she is watching soft core porn first thing in the morning. 

I start thinking of my woman and feel like I haven’t talked to her in hours.  I feel bad because I haven’t talked to her since seven the night before and begin looking for my phone.

My friend leaves, telling me her roommate is up.  Her roommate comes into the room.  In the dream, her roommate is apparently an ex-playboy playmate.  Her name is something Monroe.  (I remembered it this time yesterday, but now I have no idea).  It was a true playmate kind of name.  So in the dream, this woman is allegedly the ex- 2004 playboy playmate.  She’s blonde.  She’s sexy.  She shows up in the room in white panties and a white vesty thing over her shoulders. 

I watch her stroll across the pine floors.  She, unlike my friend, is completely focused on me.  She pulls me to the floor and climbs atop me.

Now, you’d think this is where the dream would get sexy.  And, sure, it should have.  But it didn’t.  She straddles over top of me.  I look and all I see is skin that looks like it’s been over tanned and over wrinkled and thinking, there’s no way this chick was in playboy in 2004.  Maybe 1994…  and as she’s on top of me, the one thing I really notice is inverted nipples.  If you’ve ever seen inverted nipples, when you aren’t expecting them can be a bit of a turn off.

Then I woke up.    

So tell me.  What is the moral of this damn dream?  I love how dreams make no sense and people try to attach meaning to them.  What is it about the dream?  The lovely flat-chested artsy girl I’ve known for ten years wears black and I am fascinated with her natural beauty in the dream.  At the same time, the voluptuous vixen wears white and is totally into me I’m completely put off by.  Is it her unnatural-ness?  Is it that she’s totally on top of me and in my lap?   Yet, at the same time, while I have both of these women in my face, I am completely focused on my chick and worried about her and do my best to get myself out of the situation I was in in the dream.

Don’t know what it means.  All I know is that I’m in love.  My chick was entirely welcoming as I woke up from the dream and .. .yada yada yada.

Maybe I’m starting to grow up.

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