The Netbook Hostage Crisis

So, today I managed to put the netbook back together.  YAY!  I can now work on the script from anywhere… which, if you are following along closely, is where I do my best work!  Yes. Hooray for me.  This is me managing to cope with WINDOWS!  I have been a mac guy fro quite some time, but the netbook is so damn convenient and I just don’t have the funds right now to put me into a macbook.  Windows. Needless to say.  That’s the last time the kid takes the netbook for any extended period of time.

I ALMOST lost the entire NOVEL!  Now, yes, I do have it backed up in various sources.  But the netbook is where the novel gets it’s best work done.  The netbook had the most recent (and although I haven’t touched it in months) and the most current version, which consisted of major changes in structure and chapter that I have no clue what changes I made to it.  I haven’t looked at it in months!!!  And knowing that it was sleeping in there.  Resting amongst the virus riddled windows platform was tearing me up inside. 

My seven little children.  Characters.  In a novel.  Surrounded by the diseased outland provided to us by microsoft and their shoddy protection racket.  Each day closer to death my seven kids sat on the brink of obliteration.  Seven children that were being held hostage by a runsomething32.dll file.  And the start of all this was a little bastard called Radtitle.dll  And somehow, somewhere that little fucker took his friends and disappeared into the night, leaving the viruses to have free reign over the facility containing my children.

It was a near act of Shiva herself to free my children from their captors.  Again, for those following along, know this has been nearly a two week process.  See, herein lies the problem.  The netbook came with a restore CD.  Which would do it’s job perfectly, IF A NETBOOK HAD A CD DRIVE!  So on a quest I went through the web of this great wide world to find myself a USB solution.  I have a USB thumbdrive… So, How do I boot windows from it, when the only windows computer I have is locked tighter than my ex-wife’s cunt?  That was a two day process that almost sent the netbook into the wall at 70 miles an how as I almost… ALMOST threw it down the stairs… numerous times. 


After that it disappeared from my home for a few more days.  One of those “I know a guy who can fix this” situations.  The problem with passing your own stuff off to those guys is that they have no sense of urgency and don’t give two vomits about anything.  One of the reasons I have become so knowlegable on this sort of horse hockey is that I have learned there’s only one person in this world I can trust to do the things for me that need to get done.  And that is me. Myself.

That is one of the primary reasons I don’t do movie stuff quite the same way as I used to.  I had little to no help on Cold Winter and ended up spending and burning two years of my life on making it the best I could all by myself, because all those people who sign on to help do nothing but let you down in the end.  They are there at the beginning, but by the end, they are long gone and have taken that left turn at Albuquerque. I do it by myself to make it work.

So, Day Seven of the hostage crisis.  The hostage crisis itself was actually about a two month process, but due to lack of power there was no one there to let us know that radtitle.dll had fled the country.  Once power was restored.  It was obvious.  There was trouble.  Day Seven, I had the netbook back in my possession and set to freeing my children.  I made much progress with a borrowed external drive and a little thing called Google.  I was able to use my regedit weapon and build myself the files that were missing and restore order and peace to the netbook.  Day Eight.  We are finally up and running at normal speeds.

There will be a ticker tape parade to follow.

Will someone please buy me a macbook?

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