Lance Manly

Again, I find myself at a lack of words in describing what lays within this page.

So, Lance Manly was the brainchild of Tim Wilsie and Garrett Lundy, where they filmed each other and introduced this crazy tribute to kung-fu movies and ninjas and cowboys and all sorts of stuff.  It was wacky and fun and pretty wild.

Shortly after we discovered the actor in Harold, it was obvious that the character of Lance Manly resided deep within his soul.  And it took on an whole new life.  Here it is in the proper sequence… in a series of short fake movie trailers, but Lance VI and VII are epics in their own rights.  Watch them.   full of now outdated pop culture references and action and fun.  If you don’t get it, play them for a room full of ten year old boys… then you’ll see the humor.

Lance Vs. Ninja


Lance Vs. Gorgus + Bloopers


Lance Vs. Scarecrow


Lance Vs. Death


Lance Vs. Falcone – Enter the Falcone


The original:  Lance Vs. Snake


Bonus:  Lance in Modern Society
This was a little training project I made at my day job at the time.  It was fun.

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