Alice the Fifth

My second novel. Well, technically, my third. (Second novel published)

When I finished The Seven Isaacs, back in 2010 or so, I vowed that it would not be a series. The story begged for more, but I vowed that it was in it’s own, a complete story and needed no development.

Sure enough. Seven or so years later, a random idea hit me while I was stranded in a hotel room in Syracuse, NY, waiting for a winter storm to clear so my flight could get me out of there. Something put me on the thought path of, where are those characters now? Ten years later. And that was all it took. Inspiration had struck. I was going to write a “not a sequel” to Seven Isaacs. It would be a story of the characters, without being about that story… and a whole new story.

A few months later, 125,000 words. Alice was complete. (And needed 30,000 words cut). It was a sly tribute to Seven Isaacs, without being a sequel… with all new characters that were also the same characters.


Alice enjoys her bohemian lifestyle in NYC. After being dumped, she finds solace in alcohol and the new bartender that just gets everything about her. He’s fun. He treats her well. Her mother likes him. It was as if they were made for each other.  

Across the world, Abigail, a nun who is searching for her faith, has started life over in Rwanda. She makes new friends. She is doing God’s work, but is still struggling with her faith because of the memories of a mystery figure in her childhood who taught her about “The Universe” and it’s philosophies. Her crisis of faith is brutally interrupted when she and the other girls of the humanitarian camp are abducted by an unknown mercenary force.

A panicked phone call from Alice’s foster mother alerts her to what could be a long lost twin. Alice sets out, with her new boyfriend in tow, to find her missing previously unknown sister and falls face first into a battle between scientific forces, 
not knowing how quickly her views on reality will change as she discovers The Universe and the forgotten secrets of her childhood past.  

Alice the Fifth is an intriguing exploration of humanity, sex, human cloning, inter-dimensional travel and beings, time paradoxes, and ever-lasting love.

Alice the Fifth is now available, exclusive to Amazon Kindle until Feb 2020.