i seem to be at a point in my life where all of the pieces that have been set up over the past few years are lining themselves up and falling in place where they belong.

Tomorrow ends my last day at my current job and Monday I begin my new job… Which. Happens to be in the same location, but it is better money and actually working for the company I work at, rather than being a contractor providing services to said company.

With my three year divorce behind me, my life at home is looking up and forward. There is a great pressure that dissipates once the legal bullshit is done and over with.

The house that I live in, we are finally in the process of purchasing the property, as opposed to renting it like we have for the past year.

And, in my professional life, that of my dream job, the pieces are all lining up for the big break. I have finished the novel, which has been three years in the making. I have studied it and broken it apart page by page so many times that I can’t even look at it anymore. But, the one thing that stands out while working on this novel is that, yes, I can’t get away from my filmmaker’s roots. I originally tackled The Seven Isaacs with the concept that I was going to write something that couldn’t be filmed. I knew that there were going to be kids involved and I knew that some of those kids were going to get killed as the story progressed. No one wants to watch kids get killed on screen.

What I didn’t realize was that during that process, I was writing the most exciting, the most human and best story I had ever written. What i didn’t realize is that I was writing from the perspective of a director, an editor, a filmmaker. I wrote something that is ripe to be told on screen, more than anything I have ever written.

Today marks a slightly important day. Today, I submitted my Japanese screenplay Ashio to the trade market in Tokyo. It is the same even I attended last year, but this year, I am hoping to be accepted to make a pitch to all sorts of producers and filmmaker’s in order to sell that script and story idea.

What I didn’t plan odoing was submitting The Seven Isaacs as a film project… But I did anyway. I made up a short promo package for the story and sent it off to be examined by those on the selection committee for TIFFCOM. The story is universal. It is by no means inherently American or Japanese for that matter, but it does have a very Japanese sensibility to it. It is honest. It is human. It is bleak at it’s worst and bright and promising at it’s peak.

It would also make for a badass anime project. Probably more than a live action feature.

Life is falling in to place. I always knew, deep in my heart that nothing was going to happen in my life until my divorce was done and over with. Well, here I am. The divorce is final. The universe is hovering above me and everything is dropping. The tetris blocks are all lined up. I just need that one long piece to drop and make this puzzle complete.

Adventures in Editing – The Seven Isaacs

(sorry for the long post… iPad won’t let me “Read More”)

A couple days ago, I posted a photo of the recently finished up corrections draft of my novel, THE SEVEN ISAACS. it boasted a nice, staggering number of 100,000 words. It boggles my mind that I actually wrote something that big. It clocked in somewhere around 550 pages. Yes, I tend to be wordy. I like to write. I also like to write here and tend to get wordy here. In my mind, a blog should be filled wi the written word of it’s owner to really open up that avenue into that bogger’s mind. So that’s what I do here.

My novel has been a long time coming and I really am busting my ass to get it truly finished and all the typos corrected and all the formatting stuff fixed so that I can get it on the market in October. It’s a rush, but it’s the best time of year to release my book. I try and deny the science fiction aspects of my novel, because to me it’s not about science or fantasy at all. It’s about humanity. It’s about being human and learning to be human. That being said, it is science fiction and the best time of year to release a scifi and horror book is Halloween. So, there, we have a goal. Goal is set.

Each and every day I am spending reading my novel aloud to myself to find the mistakes that need to be corrected. I have sent the book out to a few friends and family and acquaintances as well as gotten it into the hands of a couple agents and publishers (who declined btw) I know friends and family aren’t always the most objective when reviewing and there can tend to be some bias there, but I do trust the people that I have handed the book over to. I trust them to not hold back and to play it straight for me.

I’ve been a writer for a long time. Never a novel, but I’ve been writing for a very long time. I wrote my first script in 1998 and self produced my first film based on that script in 2001. Then, I was off. I was a writing machine. My early work is CRAP. Utter garbage. Some of it got better with time. Two Days with Juliet, my feature from 2003, garnered itself a couple small awards that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t written so much shit. Juliet was a story about a cutter who was dealing with the sudden loss of her parents. It was a very tightly wound story that I wrote around one location. The characters were great. Deep and well thought out real people. That was the first time characters appeared in my writing and not caricatures.

That script had zero editing involved. I wrote what I shot and shot what I wrote. It was the perfect script. There was no room anywhere to cut anything. I thought it was the Same thing with Cold Winter. My backyard, again, award-winning, WWII spaghetti western. The script was tight, but this, I ending up learning a valuable lesson about editing. When you film something and one shot Is completely fucked and you have to rewrite the final film around that missing scene, can get interesting. You learn how much can be said and not shown and shown and not said with missing scenes. I ended up cutting ten minutes of scenes from the film, because we couldn’t keep them for various continuity reasons.

With a book, I have a tough time editing. It’s difficult for me to know what and where to cut scenes. So, I have to go with my gut. My gut tells me. My instincts let me know how much is too much and what is good and not good and what pushes the story forward and what is just filler.

About three years ago I started the novel. Then it got put aside for many months after a few chapters had been written. Then life got in the way and writer’s block got in the way. I’ve always hated that chapter. The transitionary chapter between the old me and the new me was a mess. I wrote it when my life was a mess. I didn’t truly become a writer until I got an iPad and I was able to write with the flick of a finger.

So. I the process of the third read through… I completely cut out chapter six. It’s gone. I went from 100,000 words down to 97,000 words with that flick and swipe of a finger. A short rewrite at the intro of chapter seven…. And poof. Fixed.

This morning I get an email from a friend who has been somewhat of a creative sounding board with me for the last few years. She doesn’t pull any punches and lays everything down straight. She’s always the first to tell me stuff is too wordy. Me… I just see the movie in my head.

This is what she had to say about my novel, which she hasn’t finished yet:

” I was enjoying what I was reading, but, as you know, there is a lot of editing down I think that can help.  But it is unique and, in a word, visonary.”


To me, that’s not a word I take lightly.

Thank you for the compliment. Hopefully I can get the book out to a few more readers and start getting some feedback before I decide to develop this into a tv series or something!

The Seven Isaacs – synopsis

The Seven Isaacs – Synopsis

When Eight awoke he never suspected it would be the last time he would see Father.  He also never suspected that he, along with his brothers and sisters would suddenly be thrust into the wild, hunted by an elite and specially trained military task force.

Eight and his six siblings are by-products of an underground, illegal human cloning experiment.  Born and raised in a laboratory under constant scrutiny, observation and experimentation, they’ve rarely, if ever seen the blue skies of the world outside. 

One day, the alarm sounds and the man they call Father ushers them toward safe passage, as the laboratory is seized and shut down by a government task force. The seven aptly named and numbered children are forced into a world unknown and unseen by their senses to experience the vivid realities that we consider day to day living.  While struggling with the rising emotions of anger, greed, love, loss and religion, they quickly learn of their delicate place in this world along with the frailty of their bodies and minds as they cope with medical side-effects of their condition as only Father could explain.
Oh, and lest we forget, the task force that is set upon their capture and if necessary, extermination of this inhuman and abnormal breed of humanity.

The Seven Isaacs spans 100,000 words and dissects the journey of the seven children as they discover the modern world for the first time, for better and for worse, while fighting for their lives against a military that is hunting them and the secrets in their past that haunt them.  Bordering on a science fiction modern reality and medical discovery, the story unfolds and gently touches on the philosophical effects that human cloning can have on the minds of children when faced with the harsh realities of their differences in this world.

Hit me up if you want to give it a read.

100,110 words!!!! Free book anyone?

I just finished up the first REAL run through of making corrections on my novel, THE SEVEN ISAACS. Now, I feel it is ready for people to read.

I have been blogging here for the better part of a year and have done it more of a personal release than anything else, and have never truly embraced the depth of the social connections in tumblr. After the last few weeks I have begun to expand my tumblr horizons.

I have seventeen followers at the moment.

I know the easiest way to gather followers is to show some post a few tags and nipple piercings for a couple days and I’ll have all sorts of followers, but damn me… That’s not going to garner me readers. It’s going to find me lurkers and titmongers. so… I have no idea what to do…

But, if you are one of my seventeen followers And would like to read my novel, hit my box and I will get you an ebook version for your enjoyment.

I will reblog the synopsis shortly

Illiteracy in the modern age.

Hello world.  I have survived a week with very limited internet connections.  Sure.  I have my iPhone and can do some general browsing and shit, but, when I sit down to write.  I need at least a keyboard.

My week has been interesting to say the least.  I was away training for a change in my work stuff and had to put up with four days of review on stuff I already know as well as the occasional new thing.  Somehow I had the every so glorious luck to wind up in a room full of guys.  fifteen of us training.  Not a single girl in the place.  That made for an awkward session of almost locker room mentality, which thoroughly boggled my mind.  Especially since most of us at this point are supposed to be adults.

One thing that got me going in the room, was illiteracy. 

I had stumbled across an old acquaintance the day prior to my trip.  This man is a few years older than me.  I was at a gas station and headed to a photography gig where I was to take some photos for a wedding of a friend of a neighbor kind of thing.  He was interested, because he knew someone else who was having a wedding and were looking for a photographer.  I don’t normally do these things, but it’s great side cash to pay for some trips and some new toys and stuff.  So, I gave him my info.  He searched around his truck for a pen and a paper and he began to write.

The first thing that caught my eye was that he spelled my name wrong.  Completely wrong.  I thought to myself, well, maybe he just doesn’t remember my name.  FYI, dear reader, I have 4 letters in my abbreviated name.  He also stumbled and thought on the word Wedding.  He abbreviated it and asked me how to spell my chick’s name… because she does cakes.  I spelled it and then he couldn’t spell cake.  Kake.  He played it off as if he was just having a brain fart, which we’ve all done.

I’m not here to poke fun at him.  It was truly sad.  This was a man approaching his forties… and couldn’t spell.  I know what he does.  He is a business owner and has a fleet of trucks.  It was heartbreaking to know that this stuff still goes on.  People fall through the cracks.  Yes.  He is successful at what he does, but think how much easier it would have been to get that business off the ground had he been able to read.

Fast forward two days.  I am now three hours away in a corporate training facility.  it’s your standard corporate training.  Here is the projector screen.  Here is your workbook.  Here is your trainer standing at the front of the room and pointing at people to tell them to read.  Around the room we go.  Wouldn’t you know it.  There was a a gentleman in his late twenties that couldn’t read a simple paragraph in the workbook. 

I was stunned.  And really, just … well, just stunned!  How does something like this happen?  How does someone get this far in their life and not be able to read.  I know that people have to do it all the time.  But this was ridiculous.  I had two experiences int two days with two different fully grown illiterate men.  It was

There are no words for it.

My brush with Charlie Sheen

This was 2001, when I took said trip to LA for my first film festival… Again, from my old blog»»>   This was WAY before he turned into the douchiest winning loser that he is today.  he was actually pretty damn cool while we talked to him.  But, this was also buried in the denise richards years

EXT. Film Fest, Day Four – Morning

Today, so far, has been an amazing day. I’m hoping I haven’t burned my karma for my screening.

Larry, Ryan and Darcy and I all wake up and get our shit together then head out to our morning coffee shop. The Coffee Bean on Beverly Drive, right here in Downtown Beverly Hills. It’s been our morning wake up place all week. Only today, we got there, about an hour later than normal. And sho-nuff… we catch another celebrity sighting. Actually, there was even a little interaction. We’re waiting for Darcy to get her coffee and This man whisks by us.

LARRY:Holy shit.

MIKE: What?

LARRY:That was Charlie Sheen.

MIKE: It was not.

LARRY: As sure as I am fucking standing here it was.

Larry enters the Coffee Bean. He exits with Darcy.

LARRY: Yup it’s him.

Anyway, he comes out, and it was him. He stood around out in front of the place, next to us. He was waiting for someone. We get up from our table, and he briefly chats with Darcy… Asks her if he can have her table.

I know, no big deal, but it was a surprise. We didn’t expect it. See, we expected to see Scott Baio at the premiere for his film. We did not expect to see Charlie Sheen at the coffee place.