The Revenant

Wow.  Where do I start on this one?

After taking the Other half of Me to LA and bombing myself out of NYC, I decided I wasn’t going to make a film with people around where I lived, I was going to take it back home to where my circle of friends was.  I had gone home while editing The Other Half and built a small circle of friends that were ready to be my crew.

So I quickly wrote something that we could easily shoot on our home turf.  It was a puppet movie.  It was called The Wizard of Odd.  It was a story about forgotten circus freaks from the thirties who were sealed away after filming The Wizard of Oz, because, as we all know, the world was black and white before Oz.  These dwarfs and circus freaks were all black and white.  So, obviously, that was a problem.

The freaks then were discovered while a construction crew was excavating and they were set loose into the world of modern technology and COLOR.  It was pretty high concept and fun.  It was my muppet movie.  I started building puppets.  We were gearing up and we were gonna do this!

Then, I had a dream.  Then I had a revelation in the shower.  A movie where a ghost has a sexual relationship with a human who she believes is her long lost lover.

So I wrote this fueled haunted house script.  The script was action packed.  It was funny.  It was scary.  It had a great twist in the end.

I called Tim and I said, the puppet movie is off.  THIS has to be the script.  It’s awesome.  We can shoot it at the house we have access to.  It’s a scary old Victorian house.  It’s perfect!  We can rig the house to be haunted.  It’s perfect.

So we were off.  Tim wanted to play the lead.  No problem.  Henri we met during auditions.  He was dedicated and he was on board.

Shooting went great.  We had a blast.  We were the best of friends and we were MAKING A MOVIE!

It wasn’t until we were sitting at the Days Inn with our movie cast and crew and families watching it on a semi big screen that we realized, it sucked.

Beats were missed.  We rushed it.  The editing was as good as it was, based on what we shot.  It was a trainwreck.  We knew it, but none of us wanted to admit it.

I submitted to a couple fests, but really abandoned it quickly.

But, it sure was a friggin blast to shoot.  It was our first effort as a group.  It was our film school as to how we learned to work together.  If it wasn’t for The Revenant, we never would have found Harold.  We never would have been able to make Two Days with Juliet or Cold Winter.  It was a stepping stone.

It is what it is.

And, it will forever go unseen.

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