About Me

So, this is me.  I am a writer first.  I have been a writer for a very long time.  I have notebooks full of stories and drawings that date back somewhere to the first grade level.  I had a little empty journal that I wrote in at a very young age that really is just the beginning of my imagination and creativity.

While in college I was very taken with the grunge sound and the urge for music took over my life.  It also helped with my writing.  Again, notebooks and journals full of lyrics.  My first band was somewhere around 1995, and we were called Mind Garage.  Yeah.  We were something big.  Then we all graduated and there was no more band.  I immediately set myself up with another band and we were going places.  Our originals were getting local radio play, we were playing large audiences different venues.  Then our egos kicked in and the groupies took control of us and we fell apart.

In 1998 I wrote a semi-autobiographical screenplay based on the meeting of my now ex-wife.  It was a touching and heartfelt story of a boy falling for someone who was ill.  In the story, the girl died at the end and the boy walked away with his best friend by his side.  Real life did not imitate art in that instance.

In 2001, I self-produced the film at the dawn of the digital age.  “The Other Half of Me,” premiered at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2001 to a small audience.  It was my freshman effort and was very amateur, but, It still played on a big screen in LA.  It was the beginning of my film making career.

I continued on writing and digitally producing features for the next 7 years.  (look at the other tabs, there’s more info on those titles there)  I focused on writing and selling screenplays in 2007-2010.  I pitched in LA.  I even traveled to Japan to try and sell a samurai story.

As my marriage began to fall apart, I began to scheme ideas for a novel, something that ultimately would be too big for the screen.  In 2011, I put fingers to keyboard and pounded out “The Seven Isaacs” as the Muse took control of my mind, body and soul to write a very touching story of young human cloning experiments as they are let loose into the world around them.

Around the same time I came together with Walter Sheehey and we formed what would become Cooper’s Kennel, nothing but a pure tribute to that grunge music we had fallen in love with years before.   Cooper’s Kennel has since dissipated, but the music still remains on iTunes.

Currently I am writing a second novel, The Samurai and the Mountain, AKA Ashio, based the screenplay I tried selling in Japan.  The book is WAY better than the movie.

That is where I stand today.  A jack of all trades, ready to take on the world.

A renaissance man.

Writer.  Filmmaker.  Musician.



    1. I have no idea. This is news to me. It’s nothing I ever made. I never submitted that to IMDB. You can easily fix it though. Just submit an error request.

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