White trash. A Sociological Study.

Every once in a while an artist has to work blue.  Let out all the curse words and let out all the nasty and gritty, dirty things that float around.  I’m no different.  I could choose to take the higher moral ground, but sometimes, my sense of humor can be just plane crude and hurtful.  Now, I don’t mean it to be hurtful.  I really just blurt out the things that other people are thinking and help them laugh it off.  Now, I’m not talking about picking on minorities or the handicapped.  I am generally really only poking fun at hillbillies and poor people.  White trash.  Now, I’m not saying I’m better than they are… but really, we all are aren’t we? 

I have a tremendous amount of disdain for this lower grade of humanity.  Maybe it’s in my blood.  I am British after all.  And I truly believe they are a lower grade.  A rung or two  behind most of the rest of us in the evolutionary ladder.  I am quite certain that the trailer folk,  and those odd people who inhabit the forests, and those who linger in the low rent districts.  You know the ones I am talking about… the fat ladies with cigarettes burned to their lips, weigh three hundred pounds, have three kids from seven fathers, who wear Cheetos stained  tank tops, bearing a giant stretched heat Tweety bird on them? … and the tiny little pabst blue ribbon drinking guy with the greasy pompadour.  Oh yeah.  You know who I am talking about.  I am certain they branch from the interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals.  Homo Sapiens won the battle of the strongest in that evolutionary chain, but not after raping and pillaging a few of those Neadrathals camps and giving us the wonder breed of white trash we have now.

It all comes down to ancestry.  It makes me wonder what white trash was like in the middle ages. During the Renaissance and this birth of new wisdom and art.  Where were they?  I know they existed.  They were peasants.  They were the folk banging down the doors of royalty demanding that something be done about how they were wronged in one way or another by their fellow white trash neighbors. 

What always gets me about white trash is the entitlement they have.  They feel they are owed everything, because they have nothing… yet most of them do nothing to better themselves as human beings.  They lounge around and complain a lot.  I mean, that’s how I see it from my end.  The complaining.  They are worse than my five year old.  And he bitches a lot!  I just don’t get the sense of entitlement though.  Why is it they feel they are owed something by humanity?  They’ve done nothing to better themselves.  Why would someone give you something you haven’t earned?  I really don’t understand.

It’s a fundamental difference that separates us as much as it does humans and Neanderthals.  I really feel they are the leftovers.  When the Earth has come and gone, the meek shall inherit the earth.  White trash are the cockroaches of mankind and they will survive forever.  Long after we are gone, the aluminum sided trailers will have preserved and protected that breed of mankind from all sort of apocalypse.  They live a simpler life and forage for food on a daily basis.  Why will it be any different after North Korea blows the shit out of the planet? 

One possible reason they won’t survive will be the lack of government funding.  They currently thrive off money provided to them.  They don’t get much, but what they do get, they make work for them.  I don’t know how they do it.  Those checks are so small.  yet they make it work.  Perhaps it’s because they save on the water bill by not ever bathing… or clean out those folds of flesh that engulf their McDonald’s ridden bodies.

I don’t know.  It’s just curious.  It’s something I’ve always studied.  I see them all the time.  I have to deal with them many times a week at work.  It just makes me wonder.  How they function in daily life.  How do they get by?  What keeps them going where others break?  What makes their skin so tough and their brains so small?  They are animals, to an extent.  Are their brains truly scientifically smaller?  They would have to be.  they don’t use them as much.  Or are they bigger because they use them more ways than we do to figure out how to make their way of life work for them?

The other day, I was stocking up on a bottle of water, a bag of chips and a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich at a gas station and watched one of these people spend $110 on powerball tickets.

She didn’t win.

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