In discussing the ebb and flow of creativity, something needs to be said for the the internal energy that drives us all. At times, it certainly seems like our moods are cyclical. We have ups and downs, some of us more than others. I know that I need to be more aware of my mood swings, because in the last few years I have noticed that I can contain and even control my various lows and angry spells that I go through.

One thing in particular is to do something you love. For me, it is playing music. It is the creativity and the overall blast of exerting sheer force and expulsion of vocal energy that centers my universe. Now, yes we all have things that we enjoy and that exhilarate us and drive us passionately, but this is different. To me, there is a tangible, noticeable difference in my personality and state of mind if I am deprived of the physical act of playing and singing music. Maybe it is some sort of creative addiction. Perhaps I just get the shakes of withdrawals when I am not singing or playing. Then again, maybe it’s just the stress relief of the physical activity. Or maybe, just maybe, it is something deeper.

I also feel the same withdrawals if I am not surrounded by the right people. Its more than just missing someone, it’s a revitalizing energy. Again, it’s a tangible anadromous noticeable energy that is rejuvenated inside just by seeing someone close, someone special. It’s that touch, the closeness and the relaxation together that brings my mind and body to peace. I can’t explain it. I don’t know if I’d want to.

Creativity is such a fascinating subject to me. I’ve spoken of the collective consciousness before and pulling ideas from the universe around us. It may sound crazy that some people have the ability to tap into that infinite resource of ideas and stories that are out there in the universe for them to pull and translate to the rest of their world. But, is it really crazy? How different is it than believing in a God? Creativity itself an be a religious experience. It is surrounded with very similar routines and energies for every author, every writer, ever musician, every artist. There are rituals that we all go through a creative types. These Jack of All trades, such as myself.

I absolutely have my writing quirks and have from day one. It’s a nurtured habit. That I am very much aware of. In my earliest days of writing, I forged a routine and ritual that I cannot shake and I cannot break out of. My vice while writing and creating, is that I have to do it in a number of certain situations. (1) I have to be standing up. I have always written my best work while standing. In all honesty, I should buy myself a podium at home for me to write from. I would get more work done that way at home. (2) I have to write while I should be doing something else ie… Work. I do my best work in a work atmosphere. In most cases I isolate myself in the back room of my respective jobs during the down times and hammer away at the keys.

They are quirks that fascinate me. I’ve tried to shake them and I can if I REALLY put my mind to it, but my mind is so much more fluid while I am standing. Perhaps it is because I am used to working on my feet nine hours a day. Perhaps it’s just because I trained myself to work this way. I play and sing music standing up. My mind needs me to write the same way. All I can really say in reference to that is god bless the iPad. It is so much more conducive to my creative needs. I wrote my novel on the iPad. I’m writing this on my iPad… While standing up… And in a crowded location… That’s just how it goes for me.

Something to think about.

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