Summer is drawing to an end.

Yeah. I called it. I got busy with life and the blog goes down the tubes for months at a time. I think it’s just the way of life. Or at least adult life and living.

I’ve spent too much time this summer trying to remodel an attic into a bedroom. It’s physically and mentally exhausting. I wish I had more money to just pay people to do it. That’s for sure. A great deal of time and energy has gone into that.

The band has recorded a new single, and as with the others, each one is better than the last. Looking forward to getting this one out into the world. We’ve been playing shows regularly. I suppose I can throw some photos up for posterity. That keeps my “free time” from being free. Haha. Love the music. Love performing… and yet, how the hell am I such an introvert?

One of these days, I am going to write an article on alcohol use. I’ve mentioned it before that two years ago was really my first time drinking and well, it’s tough for a measured mind like mine to delve deep without being super analytical about the entire process.

On the work front, I had a difficult moral situation arise that I have struggled to deal with a little bit. A woman came in to check on the history of her son’s texting use and when was the last text sent, and to/from whom. Turns out that she wanted to know not what time this individual lost his phone… but, rather who he was texting at the time of his death… while he was driving. I know who and when. But, I couldn’t tell mom that he was texting her. It’s weighed heavy on me for some time. I run into some strange shit at work and sometimes know more about people than I would care to.

Yesterday I got together with Harold, my long time friend and co-contributor to most of my films. We spent a long time reminiscing about moviemaking and discussing how Cold Winter was lightning in a bottle and we pegged it… and how difficult it is going to be to capture that particular moment in space and time one more time. At that point in time, I was at the beginning stages of understanding and forming my ideas on how the Universe works, and how much influence one man can have over his own destiny. I was young and stupid, but my entire ideology can probably be summed up right then and there.

I’ve been floating in and out of writing lately. I have ideas for movies. I have ideas for books. I have stories yet to be written and all in my head. I’ll get to them…

When I get the time. (I know. It’s all just Resistance, and I plant myself right smack in the middle of it.)

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