My book and ode to Joe

Dear Readers,

It’s begun.  Now that everything is up and running, it’s time for me to start promoting the book.  The site is live.  The pages are all in place.  The book is in its appropriate selling outlets.  I have my first scheduled book signing coming up as well!

The Seven Isaacs.  it’s 99 cents.  It’s an easy buy.  It is the best dollar you’ll spend on a book this fall.  I’m not just saying that because I wrote it, but because I’ve read the book and I have FELT the characters.  There is a strong human bond by the end of the book that truly does reach out and hold you.

The concept of the book may not be your cup of tea.  Science Fiction may scare you.  I understand that.  I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever read a sci-fi novel.  But, take this with you, when you spend your buck.  Don’t focus on the fantastical elements.  Focus on the children.  The children are real.  Their thoughts are real.  Their actions are real.  I’ve never written more human characters.  Especially Six.  I think he may be the most human of all.

When I started this book, I had never intended for it to be so deep and so heartfelt.  That is just where the creative wave took me.  I had an outline.  I had an idea, that I have discussed here before.  It took me FOUR YEARS to manifest that idea and actually do something with it.

As I have since learned, the idea was so big that my life built itself up such a strong resistance (yes, a Pressfield Resistance) that it nearly broke me.  My Resistance took the shape of anger, hatred, divorce, and love, loss and abandonment.  When the idea struck, my life uprooted itself shortly thereafter.

Now, I understand that.

When the writing began to come, I let it come.  I know I initially had written a chapter or two in a matter of days and then never touched it for two, maybe three years because of what my life was handing me.  But, when the rain of creativity began to pour earlier this year, I let it flow.  The juices ran so fluidly, that again, as I have said before, I was nothing but the mere conduit for the story.  I was the translator that pulled these images from the heavens and put them down on the page.

It was an arduous task to write and write so much, yet, from where I stand now, it all came so freely.  There was only one real stoppage of work on the book and that was somewhere in that two-year gap.  That chapter has since been deleted and the story remains fully intact.  Yes, the first draft (and secret first printing) has twenty-one chapters.  oooh.  A Lost chapter!   Yeah, well, it’s never going to see the light of day.  It’s gone.  It’s garbage.  That’s why I cut it.  It was forced writing.

But that’s the important part.  That’s the big lesson I learned.  Don’t shy away from the struggle.  Give it time.  Give it thought.  Most importantly, give it the words.  Just write.  Do the work.  Do the job.  The job, which is putting words on a page.  You can always fix them later.

Now, the whole meaning to this post was meant to give credit where credit is due.  Joe Rogan.  If it weren’t for Joe Rogan and his mind opening podcast, I may have never finished the novel.  I love the Joe Rogan podcast and highly recommend it to all creative types.  The open and free speaking about the higher functions of the brain isn’t just all pot-talk.  It is enlightenment dolled out in entertainment spoonfuls.

I don’t remember exactly which episode or which guest got to me, but early on, the show spoke to me.  It renewed my interest in creativity.  Remember, I had been blinded by living bullshit for a couple years.  I STILL haven’t filmed a movie project in now SIX years.  Initially it was out of exhaustion.  Then, it became something else.  Lack of drive.  Lack of ability.  Doubt.  Whatever it was.

The important thing was that I worked through it.  I never let myself stop writing.  Even though, I wrote a lot of shit, I still wrote.

The podcast and the growth of the novel sort of blossomed hand in hand.  Whether it was the podcast opening my mind up to the art of creativity itself or it was my creativity searching out and seeking answers that led me to the show.  Either or, it got the job done.

My writing had taken on a fantastical and sort of internal monologue exploration and as I finished the novel, the show just solidified in me that it didn’t matter how out there the story was.  It didn’t matter that the entire last four chapters take place on another plane of existence inside a girl’s head.  The experience was real and could be quantified.

I felt my character Eight, as if he was living in an isolation chamber, (which are frequently brought up on the show) and was suddenly set free.  It was those discussions with Joe and all of his wonderful guests that opened my eyes to the world inside my own mind and helped me free the creativity that slept within.

And, to that, I thank you, brother.

Through the show, you gave me The War of Art to which is now my creative bible.  It sits on my desk as a constant reminder to fight to write and create.  It is a quintessential read that I will always focus on before a project.  The same way that I focus on the Terry Gilliam Lost in La Mancha documentary while I work on a movie project.

Would that I could, I would hand you a copy of my book, for you to keep as a reminder that you are making a difference in this world, and the message is being heard.

Thank you.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast can be found on itunes, bitches!

and my book can be found on iBooks too!  totally apple friendly plugs!

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