A long time ago, I took a semi-autobiographical screenplay that I had written and set out to make the movie that would break me through to the other side and burst my career into Hollywood and into the skies.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  I didn’t know a damn thing about filmmaking at that point, but I did know a shit load about how drama worked. 

Today while cleaning out some boxes in the garage I came across a notebook filled with all sorts of notes from the making of that first movie and these STORYBOARD ideas that helped me throughout the process.  These are some of the better ones I grabbed to post here.  Sure, it’s nostalgia and it’s me in my youth, not knowing what the fuck I am doing.

Here are some storyboards from my famous first and lost film “The Other Half of Me”… not nearly as lost as “The Revenant” … you won’t find ANYTHING from that.  lol.  Other Half at least played in some festivals and had some good controversy around it. 

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