Cooper’s Kennel

Cooper’s Kennel WAS my band.

Early in 2009, I answered an ad in Craigslist for a few guys searching for a lead singer.  I had been a lead singer before.  I spent most of my college years and my immediate years after searching and seeking my way to be the next big grunge band.

Once my movie career kicked in, and after I had slept with too many of the bass player’s girlfriends, groupies and others I probably shouldn’t have slept with my band days were over.  Plagued with guilt and having moved half way across the north east, I had given up on my music.

Until 2008, when I need it most, I found myself a band.  Gideon’s something or other out of Syracuse.  A cool bohemian sort of band.  I was with them for about two months before they told me they didn’t have time for the band.

I stumbled across what would become Cooper’s Kennel at the perfect time.  I traveled way out of my way to go to Walt’s house and audition for him in his studio.  It was just me and my acoustic guitar.  I sang for about two hours, playing originals and some old Elton John tunes.

The rest fell into place.  With a new found drummer in place, we began to rehearse and fell fully into the retro grunge style that we had all loved so much.  With influences like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and etc etc, we built our setlist of covers for the local bar scene.

Now, the band is constantly changing, to the point where it is currently defunct, despite an album’s worth of originals.

Vocals:  Michael Mustizer
Guitars:  Walter Sheehey
Bass:  Rick Huntsman
Drums:  Currently TBD

Music can be purchased on itunes.

Music can be heard here:

And, please, LIKE us on Facebook!


One comment

  1. I have loved the group since the first time I saw/heard you at Dan and Donnas!! You guys did an awesome job for my 30th bday there as well! Always look forward to new your new music too! Keep up the great work!

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