The Second Moon

Yeah yeah yeah. I am horrible at keeping up with my blog. I get it. I’m busy. I’ve recently;y made some huge changes in my life. I relocated to Fayetteville, Georgia. Home to all the Marvel movies. It’s better to be where the action’s at.

Galaxie is slowly plugging along. We’ve taken it further than we ever could imagine. There’s things shaping up and setting out as early as next week that could change the face of cinema forever.

Aside from Galaxie, I was working on a book entitled “20th Century Man”. It’s a crime novel, although is it really? I hit a brick wall at the end of the second act and set it aside for a little while.

Along came The Second Moon. As with many of my ideas, I take my sleep seriously and pull inspiration from my dreams. I know what to tune into and what to ignore. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes it doesn’t. The Second Moon stemmed from an early morning, half-awake session of drifting and writing in my mind.

Three months later, and 105,000 words down on the page, I completed it. My first draft is done. I’m excited to be able to share it with the world. Who knows where it will go. I will update at a later date. I wrote about 11,000 words today, which is a personal best. Not necessarily all of it is quality, but the first draft is down. It can be fixed later. 105,000 words in 47 days over the last three months. I feel quite accomplished, as I moved from New York to Georgia in the middle of that.

The Second Moon was an inspired novel and I look forward to getting it out to you all soon.

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