Yo… what’s the deal with “The Ersatz Saga”?

Well well. It’s finally official. I have released Alice the Fifth and RE-RELEASED The Seven Isaacs.

Let’s be honest. Back in 2011, I was a bit naive and a little bit vain to rush The Seven Isaacs to self-publish. I was immediately review bombed for all the typos and editing errors in it, so I pulled it. It was a necessary ego blow. It did take me some time to get over it. By the time I did get over it, I was full on writing a different novel. And then another one.

So there I was. Left with the Herculean task of editing three novels, pretty much all at once. That ended up being WAY more scary than editing one novel.

This past summer, I finally set myself to task and began at the beginning. I started with The Seven Isaacs, developed a rhythm and immediately went right into Alice. They were ready to release.

Back when I wrote The Seven Isaacs, I swore up and down that it was it’s own unique and singular story, that it would not be a series. Those kids went through enough and they didn’t need any more trauma in their lives.

Fast Forward six years. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Syracuse NY, stranded during a March Nor-Easter snowstorm and the stupid bug bit me. That creative one, where you get this magical thought and it spins out into 125,000 words.

That magical thought was a ten year gap. Why pick up the story where it ended. That story was over. BUT, the story was just beginning as those kids from that first book became adults. Where are they now? What are they up to? Who are they fucking? What are their fears? What makes them happy?

Turns out those kids still had their own issues as young adults and it opened up a whole new world… and Off-Worlds… and other dimensions… and time loops… and so on.

This week I published the two novels simultaneously. My wife, who has read both books and has been my intermediary for both books says she wants to read the final versions of the novels. She told me that she would start with Isaacs, and was perplexed when I said, that she should start with Alice. Fast forward a few days to when the books go live on Amazon, and she sees the new title attached to Alice ,”The Ersatz Saga – Book One”

“Why is Alice book one?”

And, I am sure she’s not the only one with that reaction.

The Seven Isaacs IS it’s own SINGULAR story. It is NOT A SERIES. Isaacs as it turns out is the backstory. It is the story of “The Incident” that is so integral to the story of Alice.

Alice the Fifth on the other hand IS the beginning of a series. Alice. Abigail. Mason. Alex. Isabella. Arthur. They all have stories to tell and Alice barely touched upon it. Time will tell where this goes. Do I jump ahead another ten years? Do I jump five? A month? Immediately pick it back up? …I’m not sure yet. I do have an inkling of certain story arcs that will make up the future books.

And Ersatz… that took me some time to find. The Thesaurus and I spent some time together doing some deep digging to find the right name for my series. I won’t spoil it for you. You can look it up.

The Seven Isaacs and Alice the Fifth are now available on Amazon.com

As always, purchase. Enjoy. Please leave your reviews. Those numbers are important!

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