Nothing’s going to get me down. 

The past few weeks, I have felt off.  High strung.  Dizzy.  Off center.  I noticed a fluttering in my chest that made me nervous.  It kept happening at various times throughout the day.  I did the right thing and went to get it checked out.  After an excruciating eleven hour visit of testing, I have no more answers now than I did then.  I get told that I didn’t have a heart attack, which I knew.  I did have high blood pressure that day, which for the past couple years, the visits to the doctor hit me with the same words.  I did prepare for this visit and brought along my writing gear and planned to spend the day writing.  Little did I realize that I was going to have monitors and shit on my fingers all day that made typing impossible.  That was rather irritating.   

A couple of days rest and some words were still written.  Not nearly as much as I would prefer, but words nonetheless.

I know that these updates on word counts, etc are probably boring as shit to you, but it doesn’t really matter.  It’s part of my process.  It helps me unwind and keeps the words coming over and over.   

Always writing. 

The end is near.  Alice is almost a full fledged ROUGH DRAFT.  I can tell already that there are massive parts that will need to be rearranged, shifted, moved, and deleted.  But, that’s all part of the process.  I’ll hopefully finish her up by the end of the month and the set her aside for a while to let those pages simmer.  Then, the rewrites begin.  

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