Tick Tock.  The end is near.

I’ve been busy.  That’s for certain.  I’ve got this bug in my ear and she is just prodding me and forcing me to write and write and write.  Alice is coming along spectacularly.  It’s the first piece of true creativity I’ve had inside me in a very long time.  Alice is inspiring.  It is a work unlike anything I’ve ever done before, yet still a culmination of everything I’ve ever done before.  It’s where I need to be.  The words just keep coming and coming.  This is my first true “Rough draft”.  I’m going to have so much work on this one after the fact, more than any of the other works I’ve ever done.  Everything has always come together smoothly and quickly.  This one… is a wonderfully precise and tightly wound mess.  

Tonight I hit a nice landmark with this book.  500 pages complete.  101,000 words.  

I still have some work to go, but we’re getting there.  Slowly.  

My writing routine is becoming a bit more solid.  I’ve been refusing to let summer take it’s toll on me and forcing those words to come out before everything escapes me.  I’m so close now.  So close.  I am so excited to see where this ragged bunch of fiends is going to end up.  I know where I’m going, but man, this journey is a trip.  

Oh yeah. I made some new cover art tonight.

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