1500 words before breakfast.

Last night I mapped out, in detail the final chapters of the book.  I am right there.  I can guess I have roughly twelve to fourteen solid writing sessions left until this book is finished.  I’m wrapping up quite a few of these storylines very soon.  One character has already had her breakthrough moment in her character arc.  I just need summer not to take over my life and get in the way of finishing this book.  So, this morning, I woke up and found time to pound out 1500 words before 7am.  The book has infected my mind and I am letting the pus out as quickly as I can.  I really just want this book to be done.  But, I still have to take my time and not rush the ending.  So many pieces have to fall in just right.  There’s so many threads in this book that I never originally intended, but they are beautiful and it’s going to be a great run.  

Now, I am tired.  I’ll probably fall back asleep now.  

Also.  Here’s my lady with a chicken.

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