Novel is a long process.  This particular chapter eluded me for more than a few days, until, as I mentioned last time, I found the missing item.  As I finally found myself with ass in chair, the words just spilled out.  Chapter nineteen turned out to be a major undertaking.  It is the lynch pin for the entire back end of the book.  The final pieces are slowly starting to fall together and it wasn’t easy getting there.  I normally write and write and write and skip with the editing on the fly.  This chapter needed a little more TLC.  There are a lot of interwoven pieces and characters that needed to be addressed.  The way these characters ended up left a lot up in the air.  And bringing them back down took some work.  Chapter Nineteen turned out to be the longest chapter I’ve written so far.  It came in just under six thousand words.   Long work.  Long nights.  Long chapter.  Now… on to the next.  Let’s find out what happened to Alex and Sera after the explosion.

Today also happens to be #sailorjerryday.  Dug out an old picture to pay my respects.   To my favorite liquor with my first art and first tribute to that liquor.  My own person Sailor Jerry girl.   

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