Somehow during the creative process of this book I have tricked my brain into using dreams as a source for inspiration.  I have a tendency to write myself into a corner and then have no idea how the hell I can dig myself out of it.  What I have been doing as of late is concentrating it before I fall asleep.  I let the characters into my head.  I let the situations sink in and grow on me.  Once I fall asleep, I fall asleep.  Usually sometime around five am I will dream something.  It can sometimes be entirely unrelated to the book.  Other times it can be dreaming right from the character’s point of view.  Either way.  It can sometimes be enough of a push to tell me what I need to move forward in the story.  I know it sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but I cannot tell you how many times in these nineteen chapters that I have found my inspritarion while half awake, wrapped up in my blankets and body pillow with the answers right on the tip of my brain.  

This morning, I almost lost it.  I didn’t realize that my dream was 100% about my book.   I thought it was just a dream and had forgotten that I had tasked myself with digging myself out of this hole I dug myself into.  I almost missed the hints and clues that The Universe was giving me.  Thankfully, I figured it out and found that one missing piece not only for this chapter, but for the entire book.  There was a tiny piece that was missing that completely, COMPLETELY ties up every loose end in the book and I found it.  Now… I have to figure out how to start pointing all of these characters toward the finally confrontations and let the battles begin… across time, across the cosmos, and across America.  I’m so curious to see how this all plays out, because right now, I have no fucking clue.

Alice.  You’re a beast.

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