Writing recap

Three days ago, I was bogged down with nothing to say and nothing to write.  I was starting to lose grasp on my characters, because they were painted into a corner that I had no idea where or how they would get out.  I had inadvertently bogged them down in boredom and had no ideas whatsoever where to go.

Last night, as I said, I let the work push me through it. 

After I wrote, then posted my little follow up and recap, I made it a priority as I fell asleep to dream about my book.  I forced it into my brain.  I needed answers and I know that I can always find them out there in the streams of unconsciousness.  Sure as shit, it worked.  Early this morning.  Somewhere in the breach between awake and asleep those ideas hit me like a ton of fucking bricks and I knew exactly where to go next.  It opened up the book and I smiled all day, now that I knew the answers.  This sci-if adventure is about to launch into a different universe of possibilities and I can’t wait to see where it goes now.  

Chapter 16 started.  1500 words in.  We’re almost at 290 pages… and just getting started.  I fucking love it.  

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