Writing is hard business.  When the muse decides she wants to flutter off and visit someone else for a while, those damn words get hard to manage.  I’m not going to lie.  I may have hit a stumbling block in this damn book, but when you have faith in the process, the words will find a way.  

The original burst of creativity is a beast and it’s so much fun to sit back and let that original burst ride itself out.  When you get to the end of that original burst and you have to actually start doing WORK, it kind of sucks.  Alas, here we are, dedicating time and structure to the work itself.  

Tonight, after possibly a week away from the book, this morning I had a little tiny epiphany with one missing piece of the book and suddenly, there she is.  She’s all coming back to me.  So, once dinner was finished.  Some quiet time with the lady was finished, I set aside some time to figure out this chapter I’ve been bogged down with.

I am happy to announce that I finished Chapter Fifteen tonight.   Tomorrow… there’s some time dedicated to beginning chapter sixteen.  Who knows where that will lead us.  I can’t wait to unleash her onto the world.   Alice is by far the favorite thing I’ve ever written.  

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