For the records

Writing has been coming along.  Slowly but surely.  Tomorrow I’ll have some dedicated time to finish chapter thirteen.  A chapter that somehow has fallen under the “write drunk, edit sober” trope.  So far, it’s coming along.

This week I stumbled upon a nice little find at our local hardware store.  A console table that was aching for the new turntable that I purchased on Record Store Day.  That coupled with modern technology, mmmmm it is glorious.   I’m so excited that I’m FINALLY getting the true sound vinyl is meant to give.   

I’ve been vinyl hoarding for some time.  I’m finally able to truly experience all of it.  I do need to make a trip to the used record store.  I need some Sam Cooke and some Otis Redding.  I do regret losing my Mondo Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really wish I had it to celebrate the new movie coming out.   Alas, I’ll probably never see it again.  Until then, I’ll find others to binge listen.   And, I fully intend to break open the Mondo Soundtracks I’ve been keeping wrapped up to use as writing music.  Sometimes, it helps me focus.   Back at it tomorrow night.  

Pearl Jam. No Code. Vinyl. The way it’s meant to be.

The Record Store Day finds for 2017

The new turntable. It was kinda expensive.

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