Drifting into The Stream

I’m exhausted today.  I know, a common theme lately.  Last night I sang until after 1am, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve done that.  I woke up this morning exhausted with aches and pains in all sorts of weird places.  My back was sore.  My leg muscles were sore in weird places.  It simply wasn’t a good day to wake up so damn early.  I knew that I had to write today.  I had taken about two days off because of work schedules.  

Once again, I went in with no plan in mind and just let the work do the work.  I knew this was going to be an interesting chapter, so I just closed my eyes and let it write itself.  Three Thousand words was the result.  That was certainly not what I had exprected for tonight.  We’re up to 175 pages now.  Ten chapters complete.   There’s your update for tonight.  I need sleep now.  Goodnight.  

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