Alice.  Closing in on 100 pages.

If you do the time and make the time, the novel will write itself.  There’s no doubt in my mind.  Hard work and dedication is paid off by the flow of words and ideas when you put your butt in the chair.  Novel writing isn’t for everyone.  That’s for sure and there’s certainly a practice that needs to be worked through.  But, once you open yourself up to the cosmos repeatedly, your true self comes out.  I truly feel that I have finally found my true writing voice with this book.  I’m not holding anything back.  I’m not pushing too far.  I am just writing as ME.  Each and every character is me, and also everyone I know.  Little nuances of every part of me are delicately woven into these characters and it’s about damn time.  It’s cathartic.  Bring it on, Alice.  Show me what you’ve got.  

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