Vacation Begins.

And so blows the nor’easter Stella.  Bitch came in and cancelled my flight.  So here I am in a hotel room with nothing better to do than to write.  An idea smacked me right across the face about three days ago and it was a giant “AHA!” Moment.  That’s where everything fell into place for a new book.  I wasn’t expecting it.  She just sort of stepped in and I accidentally spilled out 3000 words last night.  The beginning of a new novel. 

I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t he just finish?  Yeah, well, we just have to go with it.  When I finished The Seven Isaacs, I immediately began writing Samurai.  I wrote until the muse left and it sat in a file for years until it came back to me.  

The same could happen again, it may or may not.  I feel a little more disciplined this time around.  Discipline and dedication?  Hopefully.   I like the story.  I have no idea where it’s going or what it’s about, but I’m following her and I’m sucked into her current.  

I introduce to you, Alice the Fifth… with my complimentary test artwork for my own creative needs.

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