Closing in fast

That was it.  I just wrote the crucial turning point in my hero’s journey.  It’s all downhill from here.  Or uphill?  The final confrontation is drawing in closer to us all.   I do have to figure out something with my main antagonist.  I realized that I haven’t checked in with him in quite a few chapters, but I’m not sure he has anything left to say that can’t be said in the final battle.  We shall see.  I’m undecided on how to tackle this and have to think on it some to see if he deserves one more chapter of corruption.   Or perhaps it’s something I can fix earlier in the book in previous chapters to just make that small little difference for the lack of page time in the third act.  I suppose that if I’ve done my job correctly, he won’t need any more time.  It’s such a complex tale for these characters.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no good or evil.  In this story, every character is the hero of their own journey.  


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