Progress.  Progress.  Progress.

This week I discovered that I can watch TCM on my iPad.  You would think that would be a dangerous thing, and it actually is.  I could lose myself in there for far far too many hours.  When you’re writing a novel… old movies, that’s some Resistance for you, for sure.  

I’ve had an incredibly busy few days at work, and managed to squeeze in an amazing day yesterday for my Valentine and me.  As I posted a few days ago, I had to buckle down and get this shit done.  I am too close to the end of the book at this point.  While waiting for my valentine’s date to put on her makeup and get prepared, I whipped out the iPad and managed to pound out about 700 words before she came downstairs.  I was pretty impressed with myself, but, let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to impress me.  Today, between the workout, lunch and getting called into the day job early, for an extremely amazing and busy day, I came home to finish the chapter.  I had too.  I was too close.

Chapter 23 done.  77,000 words down.  oh, and somewhere around fourteen pounds down since Christmas.  

Dedication.  Hard work.  Endless work.  Late nights.  Early mornings.  


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