Sometimes life gets in the way.  Damn winter.  Snow days and snow delays certainly interrupt a daily routine.  Yet, a new week has returned, as has the snow, but I am determined to forge new ground into the novel.  I am so close at this point I can almost smell the brownie sundaes and chicken parm that I use to celebrate the completion of a novel.  A couple weeks ago I mapped out the final chapters and tonight I finished one of those that I had mapped out.  Tonight we hit 74,000 words and 350 pages.  There’s roughly 9 chapters left.  A couple more hundred pages and we will be done.  

I have a deadline.  I go to Mexico in four weeks.  With any luck, some hard work and dedication, I can have that Chicken Parm and Brownie Sundae before I leave, then disappear to relax and wind down and celebrate even more.

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