The end is near

Today I finished up Chapter Twenty.  Somewhere around 67,000 words.  Roughly 320 pages.   I’ve been cruising along, writing and following my workout schedule.   They seem to sync up nicely.  I prefer to write in the daytime solidtude of my home rather than late at night in bed while everyone else is sleeping.  Sometimes I get that chance, other times, not so much.  It’s pretty difficult for me to write on the weekends.  With my day job work schedule, it does make it tough.

When I finished the chapter today, I realized that I was somewhat closing in on the end of the second act, if that’s what you’d like to call it.  This isn’t exactly a three act story, but for the purpose of this entry, we will say that I’m well past my halfway point but not anywhere near the end.  I am approaching the end in terms of guidelines and what not.

I don’t exactly map out and completely storyboard each chapter as I go.  But, I do enter the chapter into Scrivener at least jot down a rough idea of what might fall in that chapter.  Today, I jotted down every chapter that gets me to the end of the book.  Now, it might not be exact, but it does give me an idea of where I am going.  I’ve noticed I tend to find new chapters along the way as I am writing.

Regardless, here I am.  With the ending in sight.  I know what and who is happening where.  I am fairly certain I know how they get there.  I still haven’t decided who exactly lives or dies.  It’s anyone’s game at this point.  At least the end is near.

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