Forcing yourself to write is like forcing yourself to work out.  Once you get started, you really feel quite compelled to finish that day’s routine.  Today was no different.  We have been working very hard here in this household to stick to our pre-new year’s resolution of eating healthy, losing weight, rocking sexy ab-filled bodies.  After all, Mexico is calling and March is a short distance away.  That leaves a short seven weeks to build a beach bod worthy of being shirtless.  

I’m holding to my workout regimen, but have also wrapped my writing regimen into it.  Writing needs to be a daily routine.  If you take a day off, it’s so easy to let that chapter slip away.  It’s far too easy to forget that one sentence you thought of over the weekend and let it slip away before you manage to write it down.  Ideas come and go.  If you take a break.  One day turns into two, turns into three.  Before you know it, a month has slipped by.

I am doing my best to dedicate myself to writing and finishing this damn novel once and for all.  The first book is hard.  Learning how to write is difficult.  I’ve learned that the second novel is just as hard.  Maintaining a routine and keeping plugged into the Universe’s rivers can be a tricky beast.  

Well, here I am.  Chugging away.  This pic says it all.  Marks today’s progress.

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