The work continues

The journey has been continuing on for the last few days as I build up a solid writing routine once more.  They have always said that the hardest part of writing is just putting your ass in the chair to start.  That’s so very true.  Resistance finds it’s way in so many ways.  Even if it’s just the television and a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  

New Year, New Me.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to go.  I’m headed to Mexico in March for a nice relaxing week on the beach.  My ultimate goal is to have this rough draft of the book done by that point.  It fits in nicely with my new workout routine to get this body back to beach body in the same amount of time.  So, as part of my morning routine, along with my morning workout, I have my morning writing session.  Depending on the length of time I have, I am shooting for a 1000 plus words per day at least.   It also depends on where the story takes me, within the time restrictions I have to get my ass ready for the day job.  Either way.  This week has been the most routine week I have had in recent times and the book is coming along nicely.  

We’re up to 58,225 words and 275 pages with no signs of stopping anytime soon.  The book is getting quite large and it does concern me some.  This shit is going to get expensive to edit.  That’s for sure.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a story that needs to be told.  I need to get this story out of my system once and for all.  She’s been with me for so long in so many iterations, I need the ultimate version to be complete and I believe I have FINALLY found her true form.

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