Still going

Another couple thousand words out.  The book is pretty much at the 250 page mark.  I’m about 52,000 words in and going strong.  I’m about to hit the deep middle of the book.  The various acts are playing out just fine.  I have had this story mapped out in various formats, including a TV miniseries western script somewhere within the last fifteen years.  It’s about time it’s solidified into something even better.   

There’s some trepidation heading into this next segment of the book.   The butterfly effect is working it’s magic and I am very far off the original outline at this point, but it only makes the novel that much better to me.  I’m digging deeper and finding these motivations for characters that I’ve never seen since I’ve been with them (15 years).  IT’s refreshing and amazing.  THe creative process is such a work of wonder and magic.

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