Sure Enough…

As soon as I posted that last entry, my ipad shit the bed.  I was kind of nursing it along through the writing process as it was and sure, I could write from different avenues, i.e. My iMac or my phone, but none of that is the same.  I built my routine on an ipad with the Seven Isaacs as well as a few various screenplays I’ve penned in the last few years.  There’s too many distractions the other way and I much prefer this.  

I am now writing from a brand new ipad, loaded with my proper writing gear.  ALthough, now I think I have officially switched to Scrivener as my primary writing pad, as opposed to pages as I had done in the past.  

Last night I pasted the entire book into Scrivener by chapters and mapped out the next few.  With new hardware and a new wireless keyboard in hand, I believe I am ready to re-enter the pre-modern world of Japan in 1885, where the winchester meets the katana and no one is safe.  

I’ve been working on this project since I began writing in 1998.   I believe the first “similar” draft of this story in one shape or form was in 2001.  Fifteen years this story has been mulling about in my head in one shape or another.  I am hoping that this time, I can finally be done once I reach the end… although, there are always other timelines to tell the same story.

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