A few moments ago, I wrapped up a small writing sprint.  It’s a book I started a few years ago that sat in a drawer for far too long.  Life catches up to you if you aren’t careful.   Then your writing habits turn into other habits.  It isn’t long until that novel is forgotten.   

I’ve never been one to shy away from a long project.   This one could be said, IS my lifelong pain project.   In one way or another, I’ve been working on this project since 2001. Which is a little crazy to me.   Fifteen years of this project lingering in my head.   

I wrote without a keyboard tonight.   I scratched my way through using an iPad only.   My iPad is getting damn old and runs like shit.   It makes it difficult to go the things I need to do.   

I wrote 1000 words.   It’s not much, I know.   Stephen King says I should be doing 10,000 a day. It’s just too late in the damn evening to do that.   An hour.  That’s a start.  Once the habit us regular again… We’ll get closer.

I hope.

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