Black it out. All of it.

The past two mornings I have awoken from dreams both sharing a common theme. Darkness. And I don’t mean in an evil way, I mean in the sense that all electricity and power has been wiped from our planet, either by a large electromagnetic pulse, or other means. Wiped out. All forms of communication lost.

I remember waking up yesterday and thinking that old school landline phones would still be functional. That dream had focused on trying to FIND one. Who has one anymore anyway?

This morning’s dream, I don’t fully recall. I know that I was at my home. I remember waking up with a feeling of “We’l be fine. We have the house. We can heat with wood. We have the creek in the back yard. We’ll be better off than most.” That feeling has lingered with me all day and those questions and answers I have been tossing around in my head all day just need to come out.

Worldwide, we aren’t too far off from something this catastrophic taking place. It wouldn’t take much to render our technology useless. No more iPhones. No more computers. No more internet. That’s right. This method for what I am using to communicate my message will one day be gone. Probably sooner than later.

I always wonder what sorts of streams of consciousness we tap into when we are in the dream state. As a dedicated reader will know, I believe that the creative process sometimes taps into something universal and I think that dreams work the same way. It’s a river that flows in the universe and when we dream, we happen to wade through it once in a while. A collective consciousness that brings the universe to us and makes what we see happen.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that sometime in the future, either near or far, that this will all be gone. My current job would be dead. I would no longer be on this current career path. That is for certain. Maybe that’s a good thing. I would have my guitar. Pencils. Paper. I could still write and still create. I’m sure I could find a stage to direct actors on and put on all sorts of new, old forms of entertainment.

Picture it. No more television. No more downloading. No more. No more.

I’m sure the powers that be would be frantically finding a new source of electricity to power this great nation, but who knows how long that could take? And, I get a growing sense that less and less of this nation has faith in the Stars and Stripes as they stand today. It would be eye opening. But, would I ever know any of it? Out in the woods. No car. No power. No communication. Maybe a radio somewhere would pick up some news? Maybe the lady down the road with horses could deliver some news.

I can’t help but think that we would be better off. The more these dreams and visions haunt me, the more I wish life was that simple. Live off the land. Hunt. Gather. Build things with my own two hands. It would be a lot of work. But, I think there would be more satisfaction in having less. Then years and years children would be able to say, remember when?

I know me and mine would be fine. My family is strong and comes from strong roots. Both mornings I have woken up being thankful for my father, and in both dreams he was a major source of inspiration and strength. I’m glad I am who I am and was raised by a hardened live off the land family.

Where will you be when this all comes to an end?

I’ll be sitting in front of a fire, perfectly at peace with the ones I love.

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