Brief update

As always the holidays catch up to me.  I apologize for the lack of posts in MANY months.  I have been hard at work and hard at play.  I’ve been painstakingly revising the Seven Isaacs screenplay, prepping it for The Black List.  I have been scouring over the rewrites on In Your Dreams, my insomnia laced Rom Com that showed in the last few pics on here.

And, finally, today, I go back to work fixing and re-editing the Seven Isaacs novel and prepping it for re-release on Amazon and other markets.  It’s been a long time coming and after having a few embarrassing and glaring errors in the previous version.  I am now ready to rewrite and re-publish what can be a much better book.  So, that’s where we stand.

Life moves on as it always does. The day job certainly does keep me busy.  It doesn’t offer me as much free time to write as previous occupations have, but that’s the cost of making money.

Stay tuned for updates.  I will post as I find time.  I will try to be more faithful about uploading pics and updating my work.  I know there aren’t too many readers out there, but for the handful that care, I’m still kicking and we will get this party started once more.

Maybe I need to spend less time on Twitter and more time ranting on here!

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