Spent another day of shooting yesterday.  It’s been interesting.  It’s been a new experience for me, since I am filming entirely on an iPhone… because, it has more horsepower and capabilities than my old Canon XL1 from years ago.  A camera that I once spent about $4k on is now useless, outdated and never to be used again.  If I did use it, I wouldn’t even be able to get the footage off from the tapes and onto my computer the same way as I used to.  Times are changing.  Well, they have changed.  The camera in my iPhone is more solid than that of a professional digital camera, that is now locked up in it’s big aluminum suitcase and resting peacefully on the floor of my archive closet.  It’s now just a memento like the rest of the stuff in the archive.

Now, shooting on an iPhone isn’t easy.  it needs a lot of stabilization, and the microphone is shit if someone breathes funny.  But, luckily, I had a solution for that.

So, here we have a portable movie studio.

Shooting with children is always interesting.  Staying on task is so difficult.  But man oh man, when they are on, they are on!  We are getting some great stuff.  I’m looking forward to putting this all together to see what we end up with.  Then… it’s off to find someone to create some music for me, so we aren’t using the original from the television series.   I suppose we could, but I think an original score is more suitable.  That way, I can actually DO something with the short, rather than just YouTube it and nothing else.

We are getting there.  It’s certainly been work.  and it’s certainly been fun.  All we have left is more action, some more action and just scenery.  I’m enjoying myself.  It’s the first time I have actually shot a scripted project in a very long time.

Anything to get the blood flowing again.



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