Health and Updates


Yes.  I know.  I am not a very faithful blogger.  As I get older, it seems that time just slips away and gets further and further from me.  I have every intention of writing and keeping the world informed of my inner thoughts and turmoil, but more often than not, there’s not much to write.  I’m just in a good place, I am doing well, and when there’s no drama in happiness, it makes for poor blog writing.
As an author and a filmmaker, it seems that summertime is a killer.  There’s too much cool stuff going on with the kids and work, it keeps me pretty occupied.  So, I do as I have always done.  I plot.  In my head, I write and work out all the plot points and the changes and everything else, so when autumn arrives, I am ready to go.  
It serves a very solid function in my writing process as well.  I have stepped far enough away from my written words that going back to them and changing and fixing them a few months later is all fresh and new.  It’s true that it’s hard to see the forest through the trees, so give m my summertime hiatus to enjoy the wild and return to that forest as the leaves are ready for change.  
The Seven Isaacs, as a novel… needs an editor.  The Seven Isaacs as a Screenplay, needs the color of those leaves to change.  THe next novel, The Samurai and the Mountain has been lingering in my thoughts probably more than anything else.  I started it late last year and it just slipped away.  I am also working on a new screenplay, or will be, this fall… something that I can most likely film and shoot myself.  It’s a wonderful horror love story about two people with insomnia on opposite ends of the world.  With any luck, I’ll have a writing partner on that one.  I work my movies best with another creative by my side.  I need someone to bounce ideas off from on almost a daily basis.
On the music front, the band has been relatively quiet, so I have begun to compose my own solo works.  I have about as many solid solo songs as the band has recorded.  I might even head out and do some one man acoustic shows.  …That just takes a lot of prep work.  
SO, that’s where I stand in terms of creativity.  In other news, I have a possibly allergy for the first time in my life.  For quite a while I have had some stomach issues.  Just nagging queasiness and uneasy tummy on pretty much a daily basis.  Finally, after a week of truly horrid nausea and pain, the doctors allowed me to come in.  The obvious blood work was ordered and I am still awaiting the results of that.  In the meantime, I was put on a fairly strict diet.  No Gluten.  No Dairy.
That means no bread.  No milk.  
I have never been much of a milk person and that’s probably why.  Even as I kid my body knew it didn’t mingle well.  But the gluten… there is something someone should have figured out thirty years ago.  Looking back to the times I’ve vomited or had nasty problems in the backend.. most of them have been related to Tuna on wheat from subway.  …and here I thought it was bad mayo.  (Read back, somewhere in here I have written about the explosions of tuna from my ears)  
I am five days into the new diet.  Gluten free really isn’t that difficult.  You can still eat all the meats you want and all the fruits and veggies.  You just have to pay VERY close attention to what you season them with.  As for side dishes, there are many gluten free alternatives that I have discovered in a mere week that are suitable and make me relatively normal.
The problem lies within mixing gluten free with dairy free.  We have already made the mistake on numerous occasions of buying gluten free alternatives only to find they have milk products combined with them.  That’s a pain in the ass.  So, I learned the lesson the hard way.  As pretty much everyone else with a similar diet has done, I am sure.  Read the labels on EVERYTHING.  Then eat.
I am adjusting.  It’s been a weird mix of foods for me at my work lunches.  Ham steaks and peanuts.  Rice chex.  Instead of my usual sandwiches and chips.  Alas, I am slowly getting used to it.  I am feeling better and less gassy on a daily basis… so maybe there is something to this.  I think I was supposed to split up the no dairy weeks and the no gluten weeks… but I am doing pretty well without both.  But, goddamn do I crave me some Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. 

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