Catching up

Well, here it is. I finally have a few minutes to spare to provide an update or two. It’s been a busy winter, as they usually are. This year, the winter in northern New York was relatively fantastic, warm, rainy, and very much less snowy than usual.

I do my best work in the spring time and spring broke early this year in my part of the world. As a result, I pounded out a 160 page screenplay which is the translation of the novel The Seven Isaacs into movie form. Ok. 160 pages is a bit immense. That’s just the first draft. There is PLENTY I can trim and tighten.

In a screenplay format, the Seven Isaacs is just as touching and human as the book is. At least in my view. It just needs some work before I am ready to have someone else read it. Speaking of the book, I will be removing The Seven Isaacs from publication very shortly. It was brought to my attention that crack editing was more so editing on crack and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

While working on the screenplay, I saw plenty of work that needed to be done that I didn’t see six months ago when it was ready to go. I’ll admit. I rushed to press. Now, I’ll pull it and rerelease it after a heavy rewrite. Plus, some far better premises appeared during the screenplay process that make parts of the book look more immature than they should. I’m not talking just typos that need correction. I found myself straying and wandering around the words a little bit. I was proud of the stream of consciousness writing that makes up the literary aspects of the Seven Isaacs. Upon deeper read and dissection, I’m not so proud of it. So, it’s going to go bye bye for a little while. This summer, between rewrites on the screenplay and sitting in the summer sun, I am going to attack the novel and rewrite it into a far bigger and better literary work. I’m not going to change much, but I’m going to fix a lot.

A few months ago I was told that my own personal vanity is getting in the way of my success. Because of that statement, I think about that every single day I work now and am trying to absorb that as best I can. It’s a pretty deep statement to take in. I think all of us as writers, authors and filmmakers have quite a degree of vanity and it isn’t necessarily taken into consideration as much. Perhaps me releasing the novel was vanity. I don’t believe this was the case. I was simply so proud of the work I had written that I wanted others to read it. Six months later, I’ve given out hundreds of copies and sold about a dozen or so. In my eyes, that means its time to rethink, rewrite and relaunch the proper way. It takes work. A lot of work. This time, I’ll be ready for it. It was my first novel. I am bound to make some mistakes.

In other news, since people have asked, my son is doing fine. About four months ago he went in for surgery on his leg related to his Pseudoachondroplasia. A twist in his shin bone needed to be corrected in hopes of helping him walk better. For the last four months he has worn a heavy titanium fixator on his leg. TOMORROW, it comes off. It’s been a long winter for him. He’s been in a wheelchair while in school. More recently, he’s decided to up and hobble his way across the floor. Watching his recovery has been quite impressive. Seeing X-rays every two and three weeks during the process to witness the bone healing is quite amazing. Hopefully we will have more good news tomorrow.

That’s the most of my long absence from the blog. I do apologize. Sometimes juggling custody battles and new lives and new jobs and new stories, new screenplays and new books makes it difficult to find something meaningful to write here. I’ll try and do better! I’m anxious to get back to work making movies again. Times and equipment have changed so much since the last time I filmed a project. I’m curious to try shooting meaningful stories from an iPad. Maybe it’s time for me to write a few small shorts to get me back into it again. I miss editing. It’s like writing with pictures.

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