I would again like to apologize for my extended absence. For some reason, my blog always falls off when I am not writing. When I AM writing, it just seems like a natural progression to post here.

Today marks another shift as a writer. Putting the resistance aside, I stepped out of my winter hiatus… Winter always seems to get quite a grasp on me and keep me from writing as much as I should… I stepped out and put down fifteen pages of a new screenplay today.

Screenplays are tough for me since making The Coldest Winter. I went as far as I possibly could with that no budget script and made WWII come to life. And after a few years of writing un-produced scripts and a few years of working on a novel, I am climbing back in the saddle today.

After months of preparation (that’s what we’ll call it) I am undertaking my biggest project ever and my most human project ever as well. I will post updates as they come, but I have an agent or two waiting to read this one, so I have to get my ass in gear and get writing.

…now, I just have to finish the story and decide if it is a two hour movie or a twelve hour series! haha. yah. ok. right.

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