I truly apologize for my absence as of late. Things have been hectic as they always are this time of year I suppose. As you may have read in my earlier entries, I work in the cell phone industry as a day job, and well, my job can be a little demanding this time of year, so that takes up a good portion of my time. This month and it’s goals are a little rough and there’s a little stress there, especially with my upcoming week.

I am also on the verge of a life changing event in my family life. I have addressed it before and honestly, it scares the living shit out of me. My son is headed for surgery on his leg this week. There has been a lot of work around the house preparing for the four months of wheelchair. There’s been a lot of just preparation and fear and anxiety. Mostly on my part.

It has been a quite stressful time. I am sure over the next few days I will have plenty to blog about as we dissect the experiences in the hospital as the doctors sever the tibia in my son’s leg and brace it for four months of twisting and rebuilding.

If you dig back far enough, you’ll see more of the story. I really am struggling keeping all of these balls up in the air all the time as of late. I’m waiting for this to all come crashing down. But, I am the beam that is keeping it all together.

More to come. I’ve just been speechless lately. There’s no major rant and no major work on any front unfortunately. I’ve been struck full force with resistance and can’t dig myself out at the moment.

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