The ABCs and the Book Signing

There is a sweet spot between dreaming and waking where I think the Muse finds us most susceptible. Perhaps is that those neurons that fire during the dream states are still plugged in and tuned to the somewhat fantastical and extraordinary. I have grown accustomed to trying to hold on to that moment as long as possible. The thought processes of imagination often find themselves flowing freely in this state.

Lately I have focused all of my creative energy on the new story, it’s plot and it’s characters. When in sales, the code according to Glengarry Glen Ross and David Mamet is Always Be Closing. It’s as simple as ABC. For artists, it is the same concept. Steven Pressfield addresses this, from another angle, in his book, the War on Art. Yes, I have rambled on about that book as of late, but from an artist’s standpoint, it needs to be your bible. It needs to be the code you live and create by. Do the work. Pressfield states that the only way to create is to do the time and do the work and through perserverence and hard work, the words will find their way to you.

Always Be Creating. There is my ABC code and I am growing to live by it on a daily basis now. I am abiding by Pressfield’s rules. Put in the time. Put in the work and the work will come to you. I know it works. It happened to me this morning while writing.

The story I am currently working on is an offshoot of a previous script work that I have pretty much been working on for my entire life as a writer. With the script as a skeleton and outline, I have really begun to tap into the minds, souls and consciousness of my characters. I’ve gone deeper into the story than I ever have before. The chapter I just finished up is probably a short story in and of itself. It could be told as a a stand alone piece. Today, while getting into the minds of these people, a revelation came to me after an hour of solid work. It was a revelation hat severely changes the characters and their entire backstory… But the revelation came and it will make the novel a much better novel. I am proud of that. Io am putting in the work and the work is coming to me.

Always Be Creating.

Today was my first book signing. It was a humbling experience as such events usually are. I had a few moments of excitement and gathered a circling crowd as I began to discuss the plot of the book. It wasn’t exactly the ideal location for a book signing. The book signing was held at a local cider mill. They have a consignment shop and sell all sorts of wares and foods of local heritage. Cindy at the cider mill was fantastic and truly supported me as a writer. They gave us the space (albeit limited space…its tight quarters there!) and freedom to do what we had to do.

Upon walking in the place, you are overwhelmed by the smell of the cider doughnuts. It’s fantastic. The air was filled with cinnamon, sugar and apples. They set us up in a back corner in the direct line of all the foot traffic into the store. It’s a busy location with lots of people coming by. I had plenty of wonderful conversations with some of the local people who decided to support the local writers (Me!) and to my surprise, I had a few people come out that weren’t friends and family to support me. They were people with genuine interest in the book and genuine interest in meeting and talking with the author of that work. One girl stuck out in particular. She was a young girl, maybe thirteen whose mother did the talking, but she asked all sorts of questions. The girl was an avid reader and an aspiring writer.

So, I laid it all out there for her. Publishing is easy. Writing is easy. Getting your butt in the chair to begin writing is the hard part. And once your butt is in that seat,you just gotta do the work and let it come to you.

Always Be Creating. Whether it written word, or spoken word or the golden tones of a singing voice, or striking out on a canvas, or the the magic of playing an instrument to the best of your ability, the piano, the trumpet, that clarinet your mom forced you to play in the third grade but you never let go of. Just do it. Put in the work and the Muse will find you.

Thanks fellow readers and writers! Thank you for the support! Pay it forward.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    I just read the article in the morning paper about your new book. Congratulations! I also read your blog about your signing at the Cider Mill. Great article and image. Yes, Cindy is a generous hostess and doesn’t that mulled cider hit the spot, especially when accompanied by a warm cider donut?
    -Hope Marston, author of soon-to-be-released EYE ON THE IDITAROD; AISLING’S QUEST

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