North Country Native and Award Winning Filmmaker Releases Science Fiction Novel

North Country Native and Award Winning Filmmaker Releases Science Fiction Novel.

That is the link for the news story and corresponding video interview I did today to promote my upcoming book signing in Watertown, NY.  It was a quick and painless shoot from my end and was a nice and easy conversation.  I would like to thank Holly for helping us out and her enthusiasm about the project.

Look ma, I made the front page!

Thank you again Holly for the great interview.  I look forward to hearing from you again sometime!

P.S.  I make FEATURE films not shorts!  🙂

After the jump I will have a messy but more watchable link to the video and the story text posted from the link above.

The link here is messy and will take over your screen, but it looks much nicer.  lol.  and, enjoy  the commercial.  Sorry.  No power over that one.

“A North Country native, who has had success in short films, has released his self published science fiction novel The Seven Isaacs.

Michael Mustizer, 38, from Rodman, has worked on many creative projects in film and music but now has entered into the world of creative fiction.

The Seven Isaacs is an existential journey seven children who were cloned in a lab. As they discover the modern world for the first time, they are fighting for their lives against a military that is hunting them. The children also work through discovering secrets from their past.

According to Mustizer, the idea was in the works for about 5 years, but says it wasn’t until he began using his iPad to do the writing of the book, which he found very convenient, that the project launched off the ground.

The hard copy of the novel has only been out for a few days now, but Mustizer says launching the book online as an Ebook has turned up great feedback.

Mustizer will be at the Burrville Cider Mill on Sunday, October 30th signing books and talking to interested readers. He will be at the mill from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

For more information on Michael Mustizer, his short feature films or new novel visit”

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