So, a funny thing happened to me today. While at work, a young woman approached me, whom I have worked with for the past month or two. She came up to me a little awkward and was kind of shy and weird. It struck me as odd, because she isn’t normally that type of person. On a usual day, she’s outspoken and not shy in the least bit. I knew that earlier in the day, she had experienced a rather bad exchange with a client, so maybe she was just off a little.

Then, she produced my novel, in paperback and quietly, and very shyly asked me to sign it. I’ve sold one copy as of this, since it’s only been live for a couple days. Turns out, it was her hat purchased the book. Everyone kind of gathered around me, since it was the first anyone had seen of my hard copy novel. …and it does look pretty sharp, I will say. Smiles were abound and she handed me a Bic pen. I said, “Find me a sharpie! No autograph worth it’s salt is done in Bic Black!”. She kind of laughed at me and everyone stood by as I placed the book down the table.

I turned to her and asked how she wanted it signed. She had no words. Again, odd for her. It was as if in her eyes, I was someone important all of the sudden. It was a funny feeling. Even through all of the movie stuff, I’ve never had anyone look at me that way.

I signed the book, “Thanks for all the support!” and then blasted it with the swirls of my autograph.

It felt strange to see someone I know look at me in a different light. It was an awkward yet, somehow satisfying experience. It somehow validated the work I am doing and the faith that I have in the book.

This coming Sunday, I hope to be signing a few more books at my first official book signing. It’s most likely going to be my Mom and a few of my neighbors, but that’s ok. The book is important to them as well. Seeing the book in it’s paperback form gives it a tangible and real feel to it, because it IS real and it is important. It is a feat that many of us never get to bring to light.

I had self published another book years ago and i am still trying to figure out how I can rescue the file from a hard drive on my ex-wife’s computer. It was a full 250+ pages of blog entries dating from 2001 to 2004. It really dug deep into the history of my filmmaking and writing as well as documented the births of my kids. It isn’t an entirely moving narrative, but it still is an interesting first person view of the dawn of the digital independent filmmaking scene. I’d like to recover it, simply for the archive here and the sake of having that bound copy in hand once again. THAT was a vanity published book. Not the true novel that The Seven Isaacs is.

Again, if you have read my novel, please review it on Amazon. Those reviews are important! And to my new indie author Twitter circle, thank you for the continued support!

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