Weekend and my antenna

I’ve been putting in an awful lot of time building this site.  Soon, I might even release it to the world.

Last night I dreamed crazy dreams again and remembered them for the most part.  The images and the messages have been clear.  It’s time to get off my ass and start writing.  Writing is something I need to do alone.  If I am not alone, then I am not alone.  I can’t write.  I need absolute silence.  I can’t even put music on.  ANy distraction removes me completely from the creative process.  I need silence.  I need a computer with no internet.  I need to keep my phone out of reach and or off.  I need my space and my time to tune into the universe and pull the words down.

Even sitting here writing a blog entry is difficult, because the dog is shoving his nose up my crotch with a football in his mouth.  There are people milling about and randomly coming in and distracting me.  It makes it rough… but, i am writing from my favorite place to be.  My house.  My house, by my waterfall.  It’s my peace.  It’s my serenity.  It’s my own solitary confinement.


On another note, I thought of something today… while going through all of these old photos on here, where my receding hairline was taking over my head, to where now, I shave it fully every other day or so.  But, I’m not bald.  I shave my head so the angels and the muses have an easier time focusing on my brainwaves.  it’s my antenna.

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