Waking the beast

The past few nights my dreams have been plentiful. I recently worked my way through Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” and it’s message has been weighing heavy on my mind, so perhaps the Muse is attempting to work her way in.

As I grow older, my ability for lucid dreaming has been getting stronger and stronger. It’s refreshing to be able to freely walk through a realm where in the past I have been locked in. Last night’s dream, well, the message was very straight forward and very easy to see the message.

In the dream, Ricky Gervais had booked me for a sold out stand up comedy show in New Jersey. I found it quite odd that he would want me, since I’ve never attempted that avenue of creation. I was a little overwhelmed at the booking and at the same time utterly comfortable with it. And somehow, I began to contact other stand up comedians and they all hit me with the same opinion.

Just get up there and talk. You’ll be fine.

And that came from Louis CK.

So, here I am, 8:30 in the morning, and there’s no need to analyze the dream. Don’t be afraid of the challenge, just get up there and do it. Just get up there and write. And write.

After finishing Pressfield’s book I was full of energy and ideas. The fact that I am sitting here right now not writing is The Resistance talking to me more than ever… But the hour will come when the writing will happen. I’ve got the starts for a few novels out in front of me. It’s time to embrace that.

I am a writer.

It’s time to write.

My body is telling me to delve back into Ashio. My script that took me to Japan. It’s not ready yet. It needs to be revisited. The thoughts began to flow. Where the story needs to go. As it stands it has hang ups. It has things that I am not quite comfortable with. It has a cookie cutter character arc. It needs something deeper. So, perhaps, perhaps it needs deeper analysis by just writing it. Deeper. As a novel.

A few months ago I wrote down the title and pounded out a couple very rough pages to what I called, “The Samurai and the Mountain”. I didn’t get very far. It wasn’t quite ready yet. It was forced. It was not following the warrior’s code. It wasn’t the warrior’s way of writing. The story is about a samurai. I need to be the samurai that is inside. The samurai that can summon the Muse.

Next stop, fighting the Resistance and putting the ass in the chair to write.

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