A fresh start

Here we go again. In my Internet lifetime, this is probably my fifth full-time blog. I write about this just about every single time I start a new blog. I usually start them for different reasons that all boil down to the same thing, the format of the blog just wasn’t what I needed it to be anymore. Times change. People change. Websites and web services change. Blogs change.

I started my blogging career before blogs existed. At the dawn of the Internet, there was excite.com. If you go there now, you can see that it is now a ghost of a yahoo ripoff, but way back when, excite was yahoo and google before yahoo and google existed. It was a search engine but it also had what would now be considered a message board. Back then, it was a different entity altogether. It predated messaging. So any messaging was random and hidden behind posts and obscure usernames. With a group of newfound companions from around the world, we populated that site and wrote at length about many things. There was intensity and passion and love and lust and sex all wrapped up under the guise of writing. The excite boards were a creative block of energy that raged… Until google and yahoo wiped the floor with the young upstart company. They grew and grew and expanded and left their customers in the dust. Excite was one of those.

As the boards were dying an invite came to join a new community of writers. Xanga.com. Xanga was the groundwork of what blogging is today. It was a journal site. You wrote entries, much the same way you do now. They really were one of the first to have such an interface for online diary keeping. I wrote there extensively for quite a few years. As my writing and movie life began to take shape, that blog chronicled nearly every thought in my mind. I wrote there for a long time. It was the inside scoop on all things in my independent film development. I had a small group of followers and then as time went on, the Internet changed. The Internet changed with the advent of myspace and eventually Facebook. Facebook virtually replaced blogging and dumbed it town to twitter like character limits.

For a short period of time I held my blogger account… As I tried to escape the grasp of micro blogging. It didn’t click. It also chronicled the demise of my marriage and my subsequent whirlwind and devastating romance in Missouri. It was better left behind.

After my life took hold once again, i fell back to tumblr. Well, if you know anything about tumblr, it isn’t really for blogging. It is an endless scroll of tits, tattoos and underage girls flashing their skin for topless Tuesdays. I wrote there off and on for the better part of a year before discovering the seedy underbelly of a relatively amazing social site. It wasn’t the place for me to write my thoughts and. Vent my daily frustrations. It also, isn’t the place to build a site for my newly finished novel.

With the book finished and nearly published it s time to be a grown up and time to start taking matters into my own hands. It’s time for this renaissance man to buckle down and secure myself a domain name and write where I need to write. Me. My site. My thoughts. My blog.



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