My brush with Charlie Sheen

This was 2001, when I took said trip to LA for my first film festival… Again, from my old blog»»>   This was WAY before he turned into the douchiest winning loser that he is today.  he was actually pretty damn cool while we talked to him.  But, this was also buried in the denise richards years

EXT. Film Fest, Day Four – Morning

Today, so far, has been an amazing day. I’m hoping I haven’t burned my karma for my screening.

Larry, Ryan and Darcy and I all wake up and get our shit together then head out to our morning coffee shop. The Coffee Bean on Beverly Drive, right here in Downtown Beverly Hills. It’s been our morning wake up place all week. Only today, we got there, about an hour later than normal. And sho-nuff… we catch another celebrity sighting. Actually, there was even a little interaction. We’re waiting for Darcy to get her coffee and This man whisks by us.

LARRY:Holy shit.

MIKE: What?

LARRY:That was Charlie Sheen.

MIKE: It was not.

LARRY: As sure as I am fucking standing here it was.

Larry enters the Coffee Bean. He exits with Darcy.

LARRY: Yup it’s him.

Anyway, he comes out, and it was him. He stood around out in front of the place, next to us. He was waiting for someone. We get up from our table, and he briefly chats with Darcy… Asks her if he can have her table.

I know, no big deal, but it was a surprise. We didn’t expect it. See, we expected to see Scott Baio at the premiere for his film. We did not expect to see Charlie Sheen at the coffee place.

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