Look at that…

Would you look at that. We are almost exactly one year since I began this blog. Sure, I haven’t written a whole hell of a lot, not nearly as much as I had planned, yet, looking back and reading some of the old posts, there’s some pretty serious shit that has happened in the last year… None of which I remembered until I reread it just now.
It just goes to show you, that the things that are so important to you and so dramatic in your day to day life, really don’t mean all that much, as little as a year later.
Life goes on.
I mean, really, that’s what it does. Day after day, stupid shit happens and none of it really means anything in the big picture. Sure, you are going to have life changing events. There’s no way around that. But, isn’t life really just a series of events that push you forward to the next day? Even your worst day just carries you through until the next day.
Day by day, it is what it is.
I’ve been reading through the feelings I’ve encountered over the last year, and some of them were amazing. Others were just what I was feeling at the time.
I enjoy the fact that a journal, a blog, or just writing in general can be a time capsule. It can instantly take you back to the moment you were in. For me, sometimes that can be true, but usually it’s not. I am a forgetful sort. Almost of memento proportions. I have a tendency to forget the details almost as immediately as they are spoke, written, seen. I block out movies. I’ve seen them before, but I cannot memorize lines like they are going out of style. If a movie quote is tossed at me, my mind doesn’t focus enough to grasp what film it came from. Never has, never will. My focus is always elsewhere while watching a movie. And not in a bad way. I analyze at a much deeper level. Visual. Sound. Cinematography. Script. Character. Editing. I take in such a mass of sensory input whole watching a movie, I don’t take the time to memorize the lines.
I tend to get lost in movies.
I prefer it that way.

Stupid work… No time to write

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